New CX thinking matrix

There is a new generation of customer-driven success thinking emerging:

  1. Voice of Customer techniques are being superseded by newer outcome based techniques which create a much deeper understanding of wants and needs. This is critically important to creating the focus point for company differentiation. Companies that understand their customers better than their competition have attained the first pillar of business advantage.
  2. Next Practice Journey Mapping bring together customer journeys and company process into the same view point. New techniques remove work that does not contribute to the outcome framework and recognises the cost and complexity of process that does not contribute. It is therefore possible to derive simultaneous revenue, cost and service impact with these new approaches.
  3. The differentiation of outcome from experience creates new opportunities that traditional measures such as Net Promoter Score does not recognise
  4. Re-defining business strategy to a customer-driven outcome focus creates an organisation with completely different psychology and focus.
  5. Customer-driven innovation is going to become an increasingly important commodity to the organisation. Traditionally innovation has only been the domain of the gifted few. These workshops codifies how innovators think and opens up new opportunity that traditional change thinking never achieves.

These are just a few examples of what can be learnt during these premier workshops.