Want to increase productivity and reduce stress? Get mindful!

Want to increase productivity and reduce stress? Get mindful!

We’re all suffering from information overload and it’s making us unproductive and stressed. Mindfulness can help overcome this – here’s how to start.

In this 30-minute webinar, recorded on 11th February, NextTen’s Richard Horner hosts a discussion with GSK’s Razeea Lemaignen who recounts her own journey with mindfulness and how she used it at work with GSK. Starting with just a handful of employees in 2015, meditation sessions are now held that involve 5,000 employees every week. This “grass-roots” movement has led to benefits in productivity and reduced stress levels in the organisation.

And GSK’s not alone. Organisations such as SAP and Blackrock are reporting massive productivity and other benefits as a result of similar initiatives.

Meditation helps you cope with information overload which leads you to becoming distracted, attempting to multi-task but being less productive as a result. This way of working is not sustainable and mindfulness provides a way for people to become much more focused and thereby more productive.

In this webinar you’ll learn a little about mindfulness and meditation and get a chance to practice as well as getting some tips on how to start your own grass-roots movement in your organisation.