If you are going to invest in a training programme that focuses on new customer experience skills you will obtain considerably more value if you focus on new thinking.

Methods still termed "best practice" are left wanting and practitioners do not have the thinking and methods to deliver impact. Companies should be finding ways to place the customer at the centre of everything they do and this is not happening.

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What is wrong with traditional best practice and why are new approaches needed?                                 <PRESS HERE>

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Customer Experience Workshop Options


Customer Experience Foundation

Designed for company staff who need grounding in customer experience and customer service principles. Delegates will understand how to proactively spot opportunities and how to contribute to customer-centric change.

This 1-day workshop should ideally be completed by everybody in the organisation.

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Customer Experience Practitioner

Designed for those looking to understand the latest next practice thinking and methods in customer-centric success strategies. Typically C-Level execs looking for new ideas to derive competitive advantage, heads of customer experience functions and aspiring leaders and change can significantly benefit.

This 2-day advanced workshop will introduce to you to the most advanced thinking, methods and techniques, underpinned by numerous real-world examples with case studies from a variety of industries.

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Customer Experience Master Certification

The most successful customer-centric change thinkers need wide ranging skills to drive change to take their companies to the top of their markets.

The Masters workshop builds on the Practitioner Certification to include strategy, innovation, adaptive technology and implementation. All new techniques will be practiced via real world practice situations.

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Create Service Workshop Programme

Create the basis for absurdly great customer service using thinking and techniques derived from the best service companies in the world.

This premier workshop is designed for front line customer service staff as well as their direct line management.

Whilst the best customer service agents have a consistently and naturally great attitude which no amount of training can completely replicate, the culture aspects of the training is designed to maximise impact.

customer service reception

The technique component is based on the I.S.E.R.V.E. acronym:

I - Impression. Creating a great one from the very first interaction

S - Service Attitude. The number one differentiator that makes the difference between good and great.

E - Every Interaction Matters. Customers remember the exceptions and the problems more than the good interactions.

R - Respond don't React. Especially important for difficult situations.

V - Validate and Understand. What customers say and mean can be entirely different. Validating correct understanding is crucial.

E - Exceptional in everything you do. Being good or very good is not enough.

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