Today of all days this would be a fantastic customer experience for London

Today of all days this would be a fantastic customer experience for London

Summer may just be getting cooler with Emirates’ complimentary ice cream service

We thinks its hot here with temperatures nudging 36 C or potentially a bit higher. This is just a warm spring day in Dubai and they can expect at least 150 days that temperature or up to 12 C hotter.

A very nice touch from Emirates who this summer is serving complimentary ice cream to all its customers at Dubai International Airport. The ice cream, branded Emperor, is made in-house by their flight catering division and the airline expects to serve two million cups of ice cream to its customers over the next 3 months.

This sort of initiative creates great publicity, customers love it and it creates an experience with considerably more impact than the “clever advertising” we normally see.

Why ideas do you have to drive attention to your brand whilst creating a bit of experience or value at the same time?

Our thanks to guest contributor Don Hales for a short “this week customer hero”!

Don Hales

Having successfully built two major businesses using great customer service as his USP (long before it was fashionable), Don launched the National Customer Service Awards in 1998. Right from the start this event attracted over 1600 diners to the award event each year and Don started to use the stories as best practice examples to fuel his live presentations. Today as Chairman of Awards International – a leading awards company, operating in several countries and International Advisor to the Customer Experience Foundation, he remains an in-demand speaker on an international basis. He is joint author (with Derek Williams) of “Wow! That’s What I Call Service” and welcomes contributions to his “Customer Experience Heroes & Villains” series of articles. Now in his mid-70s, Don retains his enthusiasm and belief in the benefits of great service as a key business differentiator.