The one simple rule for employee engagement

The one simple rule for employee engagement

Engagement expert Vic Thorpe offers a simple lesson to raise productivity

According to the most recent Gallup report on the state of the global workplace only 15% of employees are actively engaged at work with two thirds reporting they are not engaged and a striking 18% actively working against their organisations. Employee engagement thus presents a potential opportunity for businesses as the companies with engagement scores in the top 25% outperform the laggards by 140%.

Our latest podcast guest, Vic Thorpe, brings many years working in labour relations across diverse national cultures and different types of company to help his clients solve challenging employee engagement problems, very often working at the back end of the supply chain where economic drivers can result in poor working conditions. His organisation, Just Solutions Network, helps organisations improve their overall performance by building a capability for more productive and more human interactions. In an interview with NextTen’s Nick Bush, he illustrates the challenges and solutions with some fascinating examples and offers a simple lesson that businesses can apply immediately.

We recommend you take 20 minutes to learn from Vic’s experience.

Nick Bush

Nick is a business advisor and non-executive director who helps organisations improve their focus and performance by developing customer-centred strategies and business plans. He has helped companies transform the way they do business through better strategies, change management and technology, with a relentless focus on the customer. Nick has worked across all kinds of business sectors from telecoms to banking, chemicals to charities - as owner of Open Chord his current focus is on helping arts and non-profit organisations to be more successful by creating a solid planning foundation that will help them grow.