Our Value

Moving from a product (or service) centric organisation to  a genuinely customer-centric model impacts structure, process, people and performance measures. Our value is to help you create business impact and positive difference in the eyes of the customer without destabilising ongoing operations.

We use techniques and approaches that are next practice, innovative but proven within three main service areas:

  • People skills and development: new thinking, methods and techniques
  • Creating a customer obsessed culture: happiness, motivation, willingness to accept and be involved with change for the right reasons
  • Advisory, delivery and change management: working with you to deliver successful change outcomes.

Education: building the capability to evolve

Education is the cornerstone of our practice. Customer Success is all about creating an organisation that has the capability to take Customer Experience to the next level and that means working with the people who will enable that change.

Our F.A.S.T. Customer Success Foundation comprises workshop-based programmes that equip your staff with the latest customer centric thinking and change methods. We adapt and customise to align to your companies skills and capability outcomes. Designed to be inspiring and participative, these sessions are designed to light a fire under teams in the organisation to act as effective change leaders creating and improving your new and differentiated customer-centric business model.

Customer success foundation

Engagement: creating happier more motivated workplaces

If your workforce is not happy and under-motivated then any form of culture change will have limited impact.

Employee motivation is still a challenge for most organisations yet motivation is not enough. Creating a customer culture is accelerated if people are happy, motivated and allowed to proactively contribute.

Our business culture specialists are amongst the best in the industry who work with your management and employees to create a happy, motivated workforce equipped with a deep understanding of customer success excellence.

Delivering change: accelerating a customer-obsessed culture

We’re challenging the traditional wisdom that it takes 2-3 years to change an organisation’s culture. In today’s fast-moving world you simply don’t have that long, so our methods are designed to deliver results and build confidence early in the process.

Confidence in the change journey is critically important. Change makes some staff feel destabilised - even threatened. A journey where wins are observed at a customer, culture, happiness and business success level need to be in parallel, and are all critical to success.

We apply the F.A.S.T. principles from day one. (F)ocus on customer outcome and culture combined with employee happiness. (A)ccountability that ensures everybody contributes as a team to the same end point. (S)implicity in approach, managing complexity as far as possible. (T)ransparency across the organisation in how we progress.

It’s a challenging approach but if you dont adopt it then your future will remain product and service centric. We recognise the need to progress without destabilising and the more you harness your most valuable asset - your people - the better you will be equipped to differentiate yourself at every level.

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What makes us different?

We believe the most successful companies of tomorrow will have customer success embedded into everything we do. We have created a partnership, advisory and people development team that not only believe in this vision but are acknowledged experts in their field.

Our team's track record and credentials include:

  • Next practice methods in customer innovation delivered in companies such as Nielsen, Citibank and Microsoft
  • Building happiness in the organisation in a range of companies.
  • Customer-centric change programmes that have impacted the share price of companies like Cunard and British Airways
  • We have expertise and experience across Financial Services, Insurance, Telecomms, Retail. We have worked with more than 200 companies in education, development and delivery.

We always ask the question: "What’s the minimum we can do to set you on the path to Customer Success?"