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Get Real!

We are a group of thought leaders who are experts in the practical application of the disciplines that are now required to help companies build a truly customer-centric business.

Our experience has taught us the following:

It’s not easy. “Change is hard” is a well-worn cliché that nonetheless happens to be true. Making the “pivot” to become customer-centric is requires a well thought-through customer strategy and a well-planned change programme.

Choose wisely. Do you focus on strategy, training, process, customer journeys, performance indicators, functional structure, organisational structure, creating a CX function, process automation or digital strategies? Picking the right start point and deciding where to invest to get bottom-line benefit will be key.

The plan that fits your company’s needs will be as unique to you as the customers you serve. Many people talk about a 12-step process or a 6-pillar plan. The plan that works is not "one-size fits all". It is specific to your organisation and its priorities.

Think outside the box

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Explore Customer-centric Success Strategies. Transform business performance by putting the customer at the centre of the strategy. Understand why this differs from traditional "best practice" with an explanation of what you can do differently.

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How can NextTen help? 

We have a range of building-block components that contribute to the practical delivery of P&L impact. The package that is right for you will depend on your specific needs.

Everything we deliver is based on next practice thinking. Everything that we propose has customer, business and employee impact in mind. Everything we propose is designed to offer great value. This includes:

Discovery and diagnostics to identify possible future states and opportunities linked to hard measurement of business impact.

Customer-centric strategy and the implementation priorities that bring it to life

Developing people to accelerate momentum and drive improvements in performance from the bottom up

Aligning customer journeys with back-office processes to transform customer experience

Innovative automation to transform sales and service.

Our approach is designed to help whether you're at the start of a transition to a customer-centric model or need a boost along the way.