The most advanced approaches recognises the target is the desired customer outcome and experience associated with that outcome which is:

  1. Consistently superior to competition
  2. Delivered as transparently and simply to customers as possible
  3. Implemented at minimum cost.
  4. Can be quickly and easily adapted as customer preferences change.

This approach recognises to do that existing methods of understanding customer are limited and not good enough. Further, to maximise revenue, cost, service, differentiation and innovation opportunity - journeys, company processes and any 3rd party interactions need to be considered.

This is a 180 degree change which is massively superior to traditional approaches.


Think outside the box
Traditional journey mapping

What is wrong with traditional approaches

The focus with traditional best practice is on understanding customer interactions associated with the company and improving the emotions/experience associated with them.

  • Improving existing interactions does not equate to an outcome that is consistently superior to competition. It equates to a cheaper, better, faster version of what is already there which rarely enables a leadership market position.
  • Retaining interactions that could otherwise be removed results in redundant cost and complexity and therefore a more expensive proposition.
  • Existing data based Voice of Customer understanding mechanisms do not give a sufficiently detailed understanding of customer.
  • Traditional thinking does not include internal process or those of 3rd parties so innovation, service, cost and complexity improvement opportunities are lost.


O-Journey is much more than a Journey Mapping Product. It incorproates:

  • The latest journey mapping methodologies on the market. It has the flexibility to allow users to adopt a traditional approach if they so choose.
  • It enables a hard-figure revenue, cost and service business case to be defined to help stakeholders prioritise proposed change.
  • It is extremely easy to use by any change practitioner and/or the business.

This allows companies to genuinely innovate using the embedded methodology and build business cases to estimate likely business impact.

Customer-driven change is often very difficult to quantify and justify.

We have just changed that!


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O-Journey - More Detailed Product Introduction

O-Journey is both an advanced customer journey and business process modelling application with the latest change methodologies embedded, without taking away change choice from the user.

It allows the user to:

  • Easily model current state journeys, company processes and third party interactions to the level of detail required.
  • Quickly create future state using the embedded methodology or the user's chosen approach
  • Measure business impact of proposed change using any revenue, cost and service indicator important to the organisation.

This accelerates problem or opportunity understanding and therefore decision making, because the current and future business model can be viewed and analysed in multi-dimensions.

Agile People Engagement

It enables all the departments involved to be engaged and validate designs that can be realised with their attendant benefits.  It is agile and encompasses all potential analytical methodologies thereby avoiding the potential solutions to be dismissed because they have not been analysed in a particular way.

Post the workshop outcomes can be published quickly and shared with geographically dispersed teams.

Variety of choice of analysis methods

Analysis methods can include customer experience, lean, systems applied and risk and compliance depending on the focus of the transformation.  If all three can be applied at once.

We can provide ‘best/good practice’ models to compare with the existing state and provide challenge to the status quo.

Typically, our customers say;

“it’s now at the point in the business where no strategic project happens without process management and change management and O-Journey is a key part of that”