Digital Customer Self Service - Intelligent Customer Assistant for an Effortless, Personalized Self-Service Journey



Today’s customer is conditioned by convenience.

The abundance of technology we use on a daily basis has changed the very way we think and interact, and it has changed what we expect from brands.

To meet the expectations of today’s customer you must go beyond answering simple questions. Your customers want to be understood on their own terms and have personalized customer service experiences.

Nanorep enables your business to reach customers with the comfort and convenience of popular messaging applications with its Support Bot Solution, making customer service available in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, and other platforms.

They also expect effortless engagement and immediate responses, at any moment in their “round-the-clock” lifestyle.

Show your customers that you know them by providing a digital customer service solution that understands their intentions and allows them to express themselves freely in their own language.

Nanorep’s solution provides real-time responses to your customers, addressing their unique needs seamlessly across channels for personalized attention.


Nanorep provides personalized digital customer service that smoothly leads customers to resolution and increases customer satisfaction.

The solution recognizes user context  including geo-location, product searches, knowledge-base information, and more to provide relevant, actionable information for your customers.

Context also determines the type of guidance provided, where the same question can result in different answers for different people.

With Nanorep, customers can be assisted at any touchpoint in their digital journey. From your company’s website to your brand’s social media pages and mobile app,

Nanorep provides a gateway for your customers to get the information they need when they need it.




Nanorep’s sophisticated solution provides proactive care, ensuring that the right information reaches the right person and adapting to the specific needs of the customer and his place in the journey.

Even the frequently-asked questions pulling answers from the knowledge base are dynamic and adjust accordingly to maintain relevance.

The software understands the consumer and his intent at each specific moment, and recognizes moments of greater need. This individualized treatment meets the customer at different touchpoints in his journey as needed, assuring guidance and responsiveness for a painless process free of the customary obstacles frequently faced in online customer service.