Consider two every day scenarios where learning sits at the heart of success:

Situation 1: A critical success factor to accelerate the creation of a customer-driven company - perhaps the most important - is to develop the people ahead of developing the company - not the other way around. This means "next practice" learning with practitioners able to effectively apply quickly. 

Situation 2: If you make change to a new way of working - perhaps forced by a new system or operational problems. Perhaps compliance is forcing you to change how the company behaves e.g. GDPR. This means people getting the new way of working right - first time. The problem is often they can't!

Learning pyramid_nex practice

These scenarios have one thing in common!

The need to ensure every contributor is able to deliver against their "bit" without issue or error. The need to proactively spot opportunity rather than simply react to competitive pressure.

The pace of change is accelerating and the number of opportunities and problems this present. Learning needs to evolve as quickly as our organisations and with the exception of more online information becoming more available the average persons ability to absorb new capability and retain it has not changed much in 50 years.

The impending customer and technology revolution - yes, the term revolution is the right word - creates a demand for people to be more effective than ever before.

Introducing Profilerlive - a platform and learning methodology which represents the fastest and most effective learning approach with highest retention rates available on the market.