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The customer agenda is still amongst the most important strategic initiatives on the CEO agenda. If a company has a genuine edge over its competition it will achieve be massively rewarded. The challenge is finding that competitive edge:

  • Why are relatively few companies succeeding?
  • Why do studies show companies are performing worse in 2018 than previously?
  • How can companies think differently to develop the critical competitive edge?
  • What can we learn from different industries?
  • How can we develop a customer culture across the whole organisation?
  • How can companies build the engagement and happiness of their employees so change can become a realistic proposition?

Excitement, engagement, empowerment - these are the criteria we apply to our showcase keynotes.


Gordon Tredgold - top 100 leadership expert and thought leader.

With over 30 years experience in driving Operational Performance Improvements and Creating Cultures of Excellence, Gordon is passionate about driving change and in helping companies dto successfully their change programs.  Change is not easy, the majority of initiatives, over 70%, fail to deliver the promised benefits which then negatively impacts companies, employees and the customers. Understanding change, they key success factors,  what are the pitfalls, the common causes of failure and how to address them are crucial if you want to be successful.

Gordon is a business transformation and turnaround expert who has successfully delivered programs that save $350m in Operational Costs, turned round failing departments increasing on-time delivery from 35% to 95%, & service levels from 57% to 99.7%, & led teams of 1000 staff for Fortune 100 companies, and has achieved a signifcant level of mastery in this domain.

Gordon is the author of the critically acclaimed “FAST” which was a finalist for Management Book of the year 2017, and was heralded a "The Holy Grail of Business Success" by Orin Woodward, Inc Top 30 Leadership and Management  Expert.

An International Keynote Speaker recognized by Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker. Gordon is also a Contributing Author at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, Fortune, Chicago Tribune,& Fox News.

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What audiences say

"Gordon is in my opinion, one of the world's top speakers. He provides excellent content which is very relevant for businesses. The man is extremely engaging and empowering who keeps you hooked. If you want the best of the best, you turn to Gordon" Chris Anderson, CEO, CA Group

"A great speaker and motivator. He speaks from his hands-on experience providing excellent insights that bring value to the listener. Simple, clear, pragmatic messages that are easy to understand, and more importantly easy to share with our teams" Venkatesh Rao, Accenture Managing Director

"Gordon does a tremendous job educating and entertaining. I was laughing while taking notes because the information was so good" Jimmy Burgess, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

"Simply brilliant! I have listened to Gordon's presentation of the FAST framework and the combination of content and style is remarkable. I loved every bit of the 40 minutes. In fact, the entire audience would have wanted more time to ask questions and discuss on a deeper level, as well as enjoy the simple and powerful way of delivering the very relevant message" Dargenio Domenico, Digital Transformation Director, Wartsila

Howard Smith - over 20 years of outstanding sales and customer skills 

From starting out in the music business as a fresh faced 17-year-old and touring the world to advising businesses on their best processes Howard has had quite a ride.

Howard’s business career all started by getting his band signed to the premier record label in Europe through a combination of marketing, perseverance and sheer bloody-mindedness. Many tours followed and then the inevitable split.

It was then that Howard turned his hand to business of another kind: retail. With Warner Bros Studio Stores he was an integral part of opening the largest flagship store in Europe on London’s Regent Street. Soon after that Trinity Mirror came calling and so began a ten-year stint in advertising that culminated with management of a whole regional division working closely with local Borough councils and the company’s premier national advertisers.

He then began his mission to help businesses with their processes, both internally and externally. Working as a consultant in industries as diverse as corporate relocation to event catering, publishing to private equity Howard has built a reputation as a trusted advisor who can bring new ideas, fresh perspective and processes that make a real difference. Doing well? Let’s do better. Got a problem? Let’s fix it.

Alongside his business career Howard has also managed to build a successful second career as a stand-up comedian and in 2015 after a 25-year hiatus manged the reintroduction of his band Acid Reign back to the music scene to much acclaim. Since returning the new “re-booted” line up have played all over the world, recorded two singles, are recording a new album and are set once more to tour the world.

Added to this he produces the UK’s only thrash metal comedy podcast, performs spoken word shows and is a professional quiz master.  If only he wasn’t so lazy…..

Howard for speakers

What audiences say

"Howard has provided me with invaluable advice for my business. His insight and experience have enabled me to me to apply processes and philosophies that have made a direct impact on my bottom line" - Antony Palourti, Business Owner, Tunbridge Wells

"A brilliant story teller, with the ability to keep everyone in the room completely engrossed in his tales. I absolutely recommend you go listen to what he has to say. Just don’t feel too bad that his gig stories are probably way cooler, gangster and funnier than yours" - Victoria Scott, Burnley

"A very experienced comedian who performs and MCs in and out of character. He is a great teacher ready to share what he has learned on the pro circuit. This is an excellent learning experience not just for those wishing to develop a character but also for acts who want to get focused advice and tips from a top-class circuit comedian" - We Are Funny Comedy School

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