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Customer Innovation


My beef with boards

I am a burger lover from way back. Not the global-fast-food-chain type of burger but full, messy fish-and-chip-shop burgers. Long sun-kissed days on the beaches …


“Most Lean service programmes don’t deliver much value to the customer”

Examining the evidence shows that Lean has a way to go to enable customer-centricity I once made this statement to a group of Lean Six …


Is management consultancy a waste of money?

Not if you link it to performance outcomes There’s an old management cliché that goes something like “50% of my marketing spend is wasted but …



Psychological Safety: one antigen against the Corona Virus

This dialogue is from the Women in Safety Excellence WISE/ASSP. I am keeping it anonymous and invite people to own it if they so choose. …


5 negative impacts of a blame culture

How do you respond when a problem occurs? Do you leap into action and go into full solution mode? Or Do you look around and …


Exquisite Risk: Why Social Connection Eats Rules, Law, Values, Etc.

We have come to the understanding that risk cannot be eliminated, and it can be mitigated through various operational processes and technologies. Still, the effectiveness …

Entrepreneurial Thinking


How an entrepreneur grew his business from $168 to $168M

I was a little depressed after a colleague told me about a CEO that had fired several people because they used an outdated procedure. Unfortunately, …


5 lessons from climbing a mountain

Two weeks ago I climbed Mount Snowdon to raise funds for a local school. At 1,085m it’s the highest mountain in England and Wales. It’s …


5 things I learned in 5 months as an Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is different every day, but the one thing that remains the same is that we are always learning. These are …

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