The keys to taking Customer Experience to the next level

F.A.S.T. Customer Success is designed to be a repeatable and easy-to-adopt framework usable by everybody in the organisation:

F – Focus on Customer Outcome Framework in everything an organisation does to create simultaneous revenue, cost and service impact

A – Accountability by all for those aspects of the framework they have input and control

S – Simplicity in understanding and application with focus on removing work that causes cost and complexity that does not contribute to the outcomes under focus

T – Transparency in operation and alignment to a single, consistent focus

F.A.S.T. Customer Success impacts every function in the company. It also creates a customer culture that pervades everybody in the organisation and is designed to foster increased engagement and passion with a unified focus.

Customer Success is not intended to replace Customer Experience but to enhance it to the next level.

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Introducing F.A.S.T.

F.A.S.T. has been developed by leadership expert and NextTen delivery partner Gordon Tredgold and is described in his book F.A.S.T. - 4 Principles Every Business Needs to Achieve Success and Drive Results.

We have chosen to link this powerful yet simple approach to Customer Success as we have seen how it can help take Customer Experience to the next level of delivering extraordinary business results.