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“E-Cubed helps build exciting, engaged and empowered customer centric organisations”


riley-mccullough-165568-unsplashCreating excitement goes way beyond marketing messages. It is intentionally embedded into the whole customer journey.

NextTen uses latest-generation methods to:

  • Derive outcomes that are relevant and critical to your customer that your competition does not know about
  • Create experiences associated with these outcomes that create the desired emotions across the customer journey.

Outcome exploration is a powerful process of deriving customer wants and needs that uncovers new opportunities beyond what traditional approaches can deliver.

This goes much further than simply improving the customer touch points already in place

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Great customer management requires an engaged workforce that actively supports the creation of a customer-obsessed culture.

The best thinking and techniques can only be as successful as the organisation’s ability to support the creation of that culture.

The move from specialisation and product focus is challenging. NextTen has top-down and bottom-up approaches that will help accelerate meaningful culture change.


We are not consultants who just deliver reports or shiny presentations. We empower the organisations we work with by introducing the latest thinking, with techniques delivered by staff who are motivated and have the permissions to meaningfully contribute.

We are helping you create an agile workforce which has the customer agenda at the centre of everything it does – irrespective of whether they are customer facing or not.

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