Customer Success


Evolving Customer Experience to the next level

“A superior customer experience is one of the few remaining means of sustainable competitive differentiation as the effects of globalization take their toll.” (Gartner)

Each organisation uses their own definitions and approach. Results vary widely. The harsh truth is that Customer Experience (CX) for most organisations has not YET proven to be the P&L game-changer it has repeatedly promised to be. Evolving CX is a necessity particularly as the implications of new technology start to emerge.

NextTen is dedicated to helping organisations understand new opportunities and emerging new methods. CX is also a very people-centric discipline. Next generation methods will only be as successful as the dedication and focus of the organisation to make them work. Happy employees are more dedicated, more receptive, more proactive in embracing change.

Customer Success is dedicated to helping organisations bring everybody into a customer-obsessed culture - whether they are customer facing or not - using powerful methods to identify and implement customer success opportunity. Highlights include:

  • New methods for customer innovation.
  • Reducing cost of propositions by identifying non-contributory work, cost and complexity.
  • Employee happiness and building a strong customer culture.
  • Measuring the impact of Customer Success on P&L performance.

Understanding Customer Success

Customer Success is a business management philosophy which aligns the Customer to the centre of everything an organisation does.

Alignment into everything an organisation reflects on functional and organisational structure, every person, every process (customer-facing or not), all success measures – EVERYTHING an organisation does.

Customer Success = Customer Outcome + Experience Associated with Outcome

The Customer Outcome Framework represents an intimate understanding of customer outcomes plus the experience associate with those outcomes. The detailed understanding of the customer goes beyond what any Voice of the Customer exercise could typically achieve. Detailed understanding of customers ahead of the competition is a critical success factor for customer success.

SCO and experience associated with outcomes

Understand WHY and HOW Customer Experience needs to evolve? 


How Customer Success evolves CX into a genuine customer centric business management approach


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