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Upskilling your agents to perform better than your competitors


Churn in call centres is high. The cost to companies is more than 1 billion GBP a year in the UK, with turnover rates up to 30% in larger call centres.

Onboarding and upskilling quickly and effectively is not easy. New recruits learn at different rates. New knowledge starts to be forgotten quickly. Existing staff need to learn new products, policies and processes to remain up-to-date.

Introducing Profilerlive for Customer Service. Upskill your agent capability to a higher level with greater levels of knowledge retention than any other method on the market:

  • Role specific learning with methods to handle gaps in understanding and new capability.
  • Gaps identified (specific to trainee) will trigger learner journeys aligned to competencies relating to identified gaps.
  • The repetitive nature of gap assessment and gap specific learner journeys enables the trainee to reach and maintain a consistent level of capability that is consistently higher than competition.

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Improving Agent Productivity


Your customers are now using every imaginable platform to communicate with companies to access products and services.

When they contact you, do you limit how they communicate simply because your company does not support their desired channel?

Or do you allow customers choice in line with their preferences?What would that preference advantage mean to your business?

Secondly, how do you improve agent productivity and reduce your service centre costs simultaneously?

Introducing Bumpyard - an advanced service-centre communications platform designed to:

  • Manage multiple channels and different interactions with customers all via one simple interface.
  • Significantly improve agent productivity and reduce operational cost
  • Create increased agent engagement in what is a notoriously challenging work environment.

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Revolutionising the Sales Process in the Contact Centre.


Selling over telephone is hard work and frustrating for both service agent and customer alike. Customer can't see you and are more reluctant to engage. The process of demonstrating products, exchanging and signing documents is long winded and slow. The impact is longer sales cycles, larger number of interactions ahead of sale and lower conversions rates.

What would happen if the agent-customer selling experience becomes visual and more interactive with easier demonstration of products, improved engagement through tools to assist every aspect of interaction?

Introducing Lightico - a revolutionary new call centre product that enables agents to create a visual sales experience with assistance from a wide variety of support tools to demonstrate products, exchange marketing material and exchange/sign documents all in the same call and through the same interface.

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