Try this easy test – the results may surprise you!

  1. Do ALL of your executives think like customers, even those in non-customer facing functions?
  2. Do your executives know how to think like customers?
  3. Do your executives know how to think beyond customer to identify opportunity?
  4. Do your executives coach their staff to think like customers?
  5. Do your executives know how to align customer ideas back into their organisation?

Get a senior stakeholder’s support to do this exercise as you may get natural resistance. Try and get a wide a company representation as possible. Get the teams to score on a 1 – 10 scale. Do this exercise positively and sensitively – this is not intended to be a stick to criticise senior stakeholder. If a company is serious at becoming customer experience obsessed this is a great tool to accelerate momentum.

If the senior stakeholders are not thinking like customers as input when making any change decision then there is missed opportunity.


Anything less than a 9 or 10 means there is missing revenue, cost and service opportunity.

Give it a go! The results may surprise you.

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