Customer Strategy Spotlight

Ever wondered why there seems to be a gulf between what the business strategy says you should be doing and what happens on the ground? We often hear that the strategy’s great, but we don’t know how to implement it.

With NextTen’s Customer Strategy Spotlight we use a straightforward approach that puts the customer front and centre and delivers a set of clearly-defined implementable initiatives that are linked to clear financial measures.

How do we do this when so many others have failed?

Simple. We focus on outcomes – for the customer, what it is they really want to achieve when they use your company’s products and services. Getting a grip on these is fundamental.

In a nutshell, we help you understand the real "voice of the customer" - going beyond simply listening to uncovering their real needs - then map this to their current and future experience.

We can then help you determine where changes need to be made and how those changes link to positive outcomes for the business - usually showing up in improved P&L performance - and the people who work in it.

We're experienced enough to know that you don't want "consulting claptrap" that looks great in a slide deck but doesn't contain any practical help. We also don't want you to throw away the good work you've done on your customer strategy and start again: our approach can be tailored to turbo-charge an existing programme just as much as starting with a blank sheet of paper.