Creating a memorable coffee shop experience

Creating a memorable coffee shop experience

How can retailers stand out from the competition and ensure sustainability of in-store coffee experiences?

My husband and I recently visited a local coffee shop with some friends, and I couldn’t help but to evaluate our experience and think how they could improve their in-store coffee experience. There wasn’t anything in particular wrong with the experience except that they run out of their famous scones. We were referred to them for their delicious scones and was told after our order was taken that they don’t have any scones left.

But what really makes a good coffee experience? Is it getting customers their orders as quickly as possible? Or is it talking to them and asking about their day, perhaps at the sacrifice of speed? Is it about serving exceptional coffee or about accommodating all requests?

The ultimate coffee shops are those which provide a caffeine experience that is both memorable as well as drinkable. There are those who believe that continuously connected, social media savvy generation are looking for a digital in-store experience. Being a typical Gen Xer, I personally value purchase freedom and high-quality products at the best value.

Generation X consumers mostly care about both quality and efficiency. They like that you find out what’s important to them, and then deliver that with their coffee service.

My advice to coffee shop retailers:

1)    Start off by deciding what service means for you and your brand, and how that can be carried out across different situations in-store.

2)    Work-space design is key for smooth operations. The right in-store design will facilitate customer interactions and improve efficiency.

3)    Team spirit is also necessary; your baristas cannot efficiently serve customers if they aren’t working together. Then there’s an openness to learning and the ability to control their emotions.

4)    Focus on training: include customer awareness, service skills and efficiency into our training systems.

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Michelle Badenhorst

Michelle is a CXPA-certified practitioner who helps organisations build profitable & sustainable customer-centric businesses by transforming the way they think about their customers and employees. She has established Customer Experience business units, Voice of the Customer and end-to-end Customer Journey frameworks for a range of organisations. Michelle is also the co-author of the best selling Customer Experience: 22 international CX professionals share their current strategies for achieving impact and visibility using best practice CX.