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Creating a ‘Can Do’​ Mindset in Your Teams

Having a ‘Can Do’ mindset is critical for any team, department or business that wants to achieve its full potential.

When we lack a ‘Can Do’ mindset we actually set our brains working against us.

If you have a ‘Can’t Do” attitude then you’re going to be looking for reasons why you can’t do something then you are going to find lots of them and when you do that it will often stop you from even trying to achieve of the more challenging goals.

A positive ‘Can Do” mindset counters that, it has you looking for solutions, for reasons why something can be done.

In this 20 minute Ted Style Keynote from the #IDG #CIO100 Conference in Pune, explain how to create a positive, ‘Can Do’ mindset that will not only help you achieve your full potential but possibly help you redefine it and exceed it.

Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold is a leadership transformation expert ranked #25 in Global Gurus Top 30 leadership gurus for 2019. Over his 25-year career Gordon has led teams of 1000+ staff in Fortune 100 companies, delivered operational cost savings of $350m and transformed delivery (from <35% to 95 %) and service levels (from 57% to 99.7%). A critically-acclaimed author, Gordon's latest book, FAST: 4 Principles Every Business Needs to Drive Success and Achieve Results, was a finalist for Management Book of the year 2017. He is a regular contributor for Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune and Business Insider and an international keynote speaker, recognised by Inc. Magazine as a top 100 leadership expert and speaker. Gordon works with organisations to transform culture, drive results-based leadership and rapidly accelerate organisational growth and performance.