Advanced Business Process Management is a powerful latest generation approach designed to create business results and differentiated operations beyond established "best practice" available today.

We aim to impact key performance indicators by at least 20% and massively accelerate the time it takes to define target future states.

Most organisations are sitting on efficiency and cost reduction opportunities that traditional change approaches never identify.

If all of your competitors bar one are using traditional "best practice" approaches to what degree can they differentiate from each other? We would suggest "Not much"!

If one company thinks differently and adopts an approach that identifies new performance and innovation opportunities which "best practice" cannot, what is the differentiation opportunity? We would suggest "much higher"!


What if we also de-risked the learning process by including a performance guarantee? Nobody wants to invest in a new opportunity unless the potential downside is significantly reduced. As a genuine customer centric driven company we have included this also.

The NextTen Advanced BPM framework offers the latest methods designed to support operations, customer-centric change, governance and strategy.

Business Process Management Workshops

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What will you achieve?

Identify performance improvement opportunities that traditional approaches such as Lean or Six Sigma often miss. Typically, we expect related KPIs that show around 30% improvement to be identified within days, and can usually be implemented within 3 months.

Align all processes (including the non-customer facing ones) to the delivery of the customers' desired outcomes – many of which would never be identified via traditional qualification or Voice of Customer techniques.

Create new customer and revenue opportunities with increased and sustained customer experience levels.

Drive change in a fraction of the time normal approaches take.

Increase involvement and commitment of all stakeholders from C Level to change agent to process specialist.


Certified Business Process Management Professional

Designed for those who need either a thorough grounding in business process management (BPM) from a customer-centric perspective or those looking to enhance existing "best practice" skills:

  • Understand how BPM needs to evolve to meet the innovation and rate of change challenges of 2018 and beyond.. Learn why "best practice" thinking does not assist sustained innovation.
  • Learn and apply a new framework of thinking and techniques to identify opportunity over existing methods.
  • Create sustained performance improvements of 20% or more, to customer base, revenue, cost and service.
  • Learn new techniques to derive a deeper understanding of customer and therefore opportunity,in advance of any data techniques available.

These are not empty promises, contact us to understand how we can give you a "low risk" proof of concept to prove what we claim.

Customer innovation combined with process agility using methods that anybody in the organisation can learn and apply is absolutely necessary for the companies of tomorrow!

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Certified Business Process Innovator

Build on the skills learnt in the Certified Business Process Professional Workshop and gain more advanced skills in strategy, innovation, performance, implementation and technology.

Delegates will discover new ideas to derive competitive advantage and will learn the most advanced thinking, methods and techniques, underpinned by numerous real-world examples with case studies from a variety of industries.

  • Learn advanced innovation thinking and techniques and identify new opportunity to drive differentiation and performance.
  • Understand advanced strategies to drive performance at a macro level
  • Create new ways to address technology and digitisation as we move towards the hyper-connected world and technology revolution driven by 5G
  • Learn practical implementation methods to drive complex change programmes that standard best practice does not tell you.
  • Understand ways of addressing culture issues that arise when people need to address new ways of working. Learn how to address the most challenging people resistance issues that typically arise.

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