Are you using Voice of Customer – Be Careful – Danger Ahead!

So do you really know what your customer wants and needs? I am not talking at a high level, I

am talking about going into understanding customer in significant depth. The aim is to get a better understanding of your customer than your competition? Actually, that’s not far enough. Lets push the boat out a bit further. Lets aim for a depth of understanding over and above what the customer knows about himself.

Today most companies simply we ask them – we call it Voice of Customer. We try and do it cleverly and we use data analysis tools to help us to get closer to that critical understanding.

The problem is that Voice of Customer as a method of obtaining deep customer insight sucks by itself. I cannot think of any other word of describing it. It sucks! I am not saying that it does not have uses but I am suggesting it is used mostly in the wrong way.

People will not engage if there are too many questions – usually 5 or less – 7 is the absolute maximum. The questions need to be easy to understand. How much useful information are you really going to get? Not much! Ask 5 simple questions and you may get to 20% of what you really need.

So why do companies base their customer experience strategy based on such a fallible mechanism?

Because everybody else does it. Very few are thinking differently.  People call it best practice except its not. Its rubbish practice for getting a deep understanding of customer. There are some great uses for Voice of Customer – just not this.

Enter the era of Outcome Based thinking techniques. Enter predictive approaches which give an insight into customer beyond what the customer knows about themselves. In the context of Customer Experience – Outcome Based thinking is radical its innovation in the genuine sense of the word.

1% of companies are using outcome based thinking techniques. Those who do it well have a massive advantage over those who don’t!

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