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Think Differently. Think Next Practice. Think Customer

We help companies deliver customer-centric P&L performance impact

E-Book: Customer-centric business strategy

Driving next practice customer-centric thinking into business strategy.

E-Book: ROI of customer-centric change

Prioritise change. Move from concept to hard P&L impact.

Our purpose: creating customer-centric businesses which aspire to supercompany performance

What do we do?

Companies that consistently report best-in-market performance, year on year, use customer-driven innovation as a critical success factor.

Building revenue and P&L simultaneously is hard. Traditional thinking still focusses on improving existing product and service competency. High growth companies think differently and always starts with "the future customer" as their driving focus. Practical techniques integrates high impact innovation into business as usual in a transparent and really usable way.

NextTen offers specialist services, training and innovative products that help build build genuinely customer-centric businesses:

  • We are experts in identifying strategies that impact customer, revenue, cost and service simultaneously.
  • We develop people in next practice customer-centric thinking. Develop the people to drive the development of the company.
  • We apply tools that accelerate the whole process.

Do you want to be one of those "high growth" companies? Do you want ideas that are simple, transparent and low risk to apply? Do you want your customers to be your best advocates?

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Why are we different?

We leave you with new skills and thinking to embrace and deliver customer-centric change.

We focus on "next practice" thinking, underpinned by research and with practical application. Take a look at our magazine - The Next Ten Years to see what we're up to.

We define customer outcome-driven strategic objectives with operationalised deliverables and measurable P&L impact.

We guide implementation, keeping a focus on customer outcomes, and using new techniques - such as Agile and F.A.S.T. - to accelerate and improve change leadership.

How do I engage with you?

Becoming customer-centric is not an overnight change. Creating momentum is challenging and often frustratingly slow.

Our products and services are designed to define, accelerate and deliver a culture of customer obsession, including:

  • Solutions for companies starting to establish a customer-driven operation.
  • Innovative ideas to help accelerate and implement change.
  • Products that impact productivity, complexity, cost with and employee engagement.

We design and deliver success strategies for our customers. Contact us and we will demonstrate what we can do!