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Aligning The Customer Into The Centre of Everything a Company Does

Evolving Customer Experience to The Next Level

Research: Discovering the next generation of customer experience thinking

Research and interviews with leading CEO's, customer experience heads and innovators.

E-magazine: The Next Ten Years


Interviews with change leaders, customer-centric case studies and next practice thought leadership.

Next Practice Methods. Customer-obsessed Culture. Happy Engaged Workforce.

What do we do?

Customer Success is a business management approach designed to take Customer Experience to the next level. Starting with predictive methods to create superior understanding of customer outcomes we help companies aligns the customer into the centre of everything it does.

High growth companies have to think differently in order to outperform the competition.

  • We research and innovate next practice success strategies.
  • We place education at the cornerstone of any change assignments.
  • We help companies develop a customer obsessed business culture.
  • We help companies develop a happy, motivated workforce that is receptive and proactively involved in delivering a sustained customer culture.

Do you want to learn new success strategies that are simple, transparent and low risk to apply?

NextTen's experience includes work with the above companies
NextTen's experience includes work with the above companies

Why are we different?

We believe in identifying new ideas, thinking and methods that leave you with new skills. You will not find our ideas immediately available on the internet nor do we stop at best practice. We research and innovate but deploy F.A.S.T. principles to deliver sustained value.

We are neither traditional trainers nor consultants. Customer Success requires a combination of both which reflects latest thinking, a customer-obsessed culture and employees who are not only engaged but happy.

We work with you to develop, advise and implement change. We lead by example and are prepared to go the extra mile to give your organisation and its people lasting value.

Take a look at our magazine - The Next Ten Years - to see what we're up to.


How do we engage with you?

Becoming customer-centric can be a challenging process. There is a lack of standardisation, a lot of alternative options and it's not obvious what works and what is less effective. Traditional customer experience has not evolved to deliver what it claims, but helping it evolve is a cornerstone of our mission.

We engage with companies either through our research or via workshops which explore latest ideas that help solve specific problems or opportunities.

We recognise that we have to earn confidence and trust and sharing ideas that go beyond the best practice norm is a good start point.