The key to sustained success is...

...building exciting, engaging and empowering customer-centric organisations

That’s why we’re more than just another customer experience and training consultancy 

The customer remains the single most important component of the CEO’s strategic agenda.

Customer experience has greater potential than any other change initiative to transform organisational performance.

Yet real world delivery is mostly sub-optimal with 95% of companies missing significant opportunities. 

At NextTen, we help companies to challenge the status quo.

Our mission is to transform the relationship between an organisation’s leaders, employees and customers into a powerful collaboration capable of achieving remarkable results

What we do:

NextTen is an outcome-driven organisation. This means we do not deliver to our customers as a consulting, training or product company would, but blend these element to deliver on the specific outcomes we define with you.

We define and deliver high-impact initatives which differentiate you from your competitors using a 3-phase approach.


Identify the key drivers and aspirations of the organisation, the gaps in capability and the willingness and drive to fill them.

Gauge the level of excitement and find the potential champions for the future of the organisation.


Work with change leaders to inspire everyone to undertake the transformation journey.

Encourage a frank conversation about what needs to change and why.

Use the new capability content as a way of inspiring people to get behind customer-centric change.


Using the change champions identified in the discovery phase, grow the culture of the organisation around the customer using customer success as the engine for the growth of people and the bottom line.

The successful organisations of the future will be the ones that put the customer at the heart of everything they do

Companies who understand their customers’ motivations and desired outcomes and experiences better than their competitor have the opportunity to identify, develop and service customer propositions that lead in their markets.

At NextTen we are passionate about the power of customer-centricity

We believe that creating superior outcomes and experiences for customers across their whole journey will not only attract new customers but also retain existing ones – ones who will spend more and tell everybody along the way.

That’s why education is the cornerstone of our practice

Customer success is all about creating an organisation that has the capability to take Customer Experience to the next level and that means working with the people who will enable that change.

Our approach comprises workshop-based programmes that equip your staff with the latest customer-centric thinking and change methods customised to align with your company’s skills and capability outcomes.

Designed to be inspiring and participative, these sessions are designed to light a fire under teams in the organisation to act as effective change leaders creating and improving your new and differentiated customer-centric business model.

We help you create both business impact and a positive difference in the eyes of the customer without destabilising ongoing operations.

Next practice thinking differentiates the winners from the very good

Most transformation initiatives are ‘delivered’ top-down. Next practice capability delivers performance impact where the workforce proactively supports a customer culture and is sufficiently empowered and engaged to do so. We dramatically accelerate impact by creating a simultaneous bottom-up and top-down focus.

The NextTen Learning Pyramid

The NextTen Learning Pyramid is our proprietary platform designed to support the demands for modern corporate learning. Its purpose is to upskill staff rapidly so that they are both equipped to solve NOW problems and engaged in being participants, even champions, of inclusive change. It has been developed with education and engagement in mind and creates what we believe is the most advanced education model in customer and employee experience.

At NextTen, we’re FAST

Our three-phase methdology is underpinned by the FAST (Focus, Accountability, Simplicity, Transpacrency) model developed by Global Gurus #25 Leadership Expert and NextTEn Associate Partner Gordon Tredgold. We apply this proven approach to the development of customer-centric capability as a repeatable and easy to adopt framework usable by everybody in the organisation.

The Next Ten Years

The Next Ten Years is our media site which provides you with the latest thinking on customer-centricity, employee experience, leadership and culture change from a range of provocative contributors.


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What we are doing

Our latest courses, conferences and projects

Putting Strategy into Action (Dubai)

Charles Bennett and Nick Bush lead a course to help you define and implement a customer-centric strategy for your organisation

Customer Experience in the Energy Sector

Charles Bennett and Gordon Tredgold lead a workshop and deliver a keynote on creating a customer-centric culture

Customer Experience Courses (Dubai/Europe)

Watch this space for details of further public training in Next Practice Customer Experience and Employee Experience approaches.


Fantastic workshop. Inspiring speaker with great insight as to how customer experience management should be delivered within a corporate. We have worked with Charles on multiple occasions as part of our programme to create the leading customer-focused organisation in our market. Charles’s work was a fundamental part in helping us to think differently and to deliver a fundamental part of our vision.

Bronwynn Tippett


Kym understood our strategy and what we needed to achieve. This allowed her to quickly and creatively deliver future facing roadmaps, plus be our partner on the journey to bring these to market. This support provided us with the tools we required to demonstrate to the business both what we wanted to achieve, plus how it could be achieved pragmatically.

Robbie Millar


It was very engaging, motivating, full speed training. I can surely recommend it to everyone that is new in the CX topics and to those that would like to bring the CX to the next level. Very well invested time & money.

Rosica Scheid

Deutsche Telekom AG

Our Team

Charles Bennett

Founder & CEO

An acknowledged leader in customer-driven performance change using both best practice and next practice thinking and methods.

With a hunger for innovative new ideas, he strongly believes in passionate and inspirational business leadership which energises both organisations and individuals.

He has delivered training and consulting programmes across 40 countries, multiple sectors and companies such as Citibank, Nielsen, Microsoft, Vodafone, Tracker and governments in Middle East and Asia.

Nick Bush

Managing Partner, Co-founder

Nick has spent his career helping all kinds of organisations – from telecoms to banking, chemicals to charities – transform the way they do business. He does this through:

·        Better customer strategies, with a clear focus on customer and business outcomes

·        Disciplined and focused change management with a strong emphasis on people’s capability

·        A clear-eyed approach to new technology.

Kym Hamer

Managing Partner

With deep expertise in commercial marketing, customer development and innovation, Kym leads our thinking on  commercially viable customer-led propositions, developing robust innovation pipelines, and communication strategies that evolve alongside the organisation’s vision.

Kym’s reputation is as a change-maker and customer champion. She has produced revenue and profit growth and increase advocacy for a range of businesses across sectors like manufacturing, consumer goods, travel, media and education.

With her collaborative, pragmatic style, Kym has introduced innovative approaches and embedded them as ongoing practice.

Richard Horner

Associate Partner

As a leading employee experience specialist, Richard leads NextTen thinking on the future employee, addressing issues such as: what experiences help people churn out great work and ideas; what organisations can do to make productivity, creativity, wellbeing and happiness part of their culture; how to start grassroots movements that these issues go viral and become part of the organisation’s DNA – and how to do all this without breaking the bank.

Richard’s purpose is to help people and businesses be more successful. He has implemented projects across a broad range of busineesses from logistics to distilling to finance and to healthcare. 

Gordon Tredgold

Associate Partner

A leadership, business and transformation expert ranked #25 in Global Gurus Top 30 for 2019, Gordon has successfully delivered programs that save $350m in Operational Costs, turned round failing departments increasing on-time delivery from <35% to 95%, and service levels from 57% to 99.7%. He is the author of the critically acclaimed “FAST” which was a finalist for Management Book of the year 2017.

An international keynote speaker recognised by Inc. Magazine as a Top 100 leadership expert and speaker, Gordon is also a contributing author at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, Fortune, Chicago Tribune and Fox News

Simon Green

Associate Partner

Simon is dedicated to maximising value via communications, data and CX, for service sector brands.

Deep expertise as a client and consultant in each of these traditionally siloed functional areas ensures he is able to plan and execute UK and global transformational plans that integrate effective, product, service with personalised communications across all channels; delivered through internal stakeholders, front-line colleagues, IT integrators and agency partners.

Simon has worked for many of the world’s finest global brands and agencies and has added over £½ billion in profit and shareholder value to at least three organisations.


Passionate about customer-centric change?

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We have a growing customer base in Europe and the Middle East so get in touch if you’d like to find out about working as a NextTen associate.


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